Painting Made Simple

Painting doesn't have to be a hassle! Using the tips below will make your project much simpler.

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    Finding Your Paint-able Surface Area

    The room's square footage can be determined by length of all the walls and then multiply that number by the height of the room from floor to ceiling.

    To figure out your paint-able surface area, simply subtract 20 square feet for each door and 15 square feet for each average sized window from your room square footage calculation.

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    How Many Gallons Of Paint Do I Need?

    1 Gallon of paint generally covers about 350 square feet. You will need to take into consieration that the surface you are painting could result in additional paint being required, such as drywall, unfinished surfaces, dark in color or heavily patched walls. In which case you should plan on a minimum of 2 coats or more as needed.

    Now take the paint-able surface area number and divide it by 350, the number you arrive at is your estimated amount of gallons needed. You may round up uneven numbers. If the remainder is less than .5, you may want to order additional quart(s). If the remainder is more than .5, you many want to order an additional gallon.

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    Painting A Dark Color?

    If you aren't already using a paint with primer; add color tint to your white primer that is closest to the topcoat color you are using.